August 29th: Peer Critique done with Jonny and Erin and Continuation of Work on Final Project (Ear, Hair, and Mouth)
September 3rd: Work on Final Project (Hair and Cheek)
September 5th: Work on Final Project (Hair and Neck)
September 10th: Work on Final Project (Hair)
Percent Complete: (65%) To Do: complete hair (including color), finish neck, and add buildings around collar


Disco Ball by Sari Shryack, 2019, Acrylic on Canvas.

What about it caught your eye? How was it inspiring to you? This painting caught my eye primarily for its use of color. Typically, disco balls tend to have a silver/grey color palette and will only reflect a few additional colors at a time. Shryack was able to paint the disco ball accurately, while also adding a sense of liveliness with her square brushstrokes and pastel colors.

Provide some information on the context of the artwork. What was the artwork intended to do or say? Shryack painted this artwork after she had been dancing with her toddler in the backyard. Her intention was to capture the moment she had spent with her child by painting it in a colorful and playful manner.

Is experiencing this artwork going to influence your art practice? Why or why not? For sure! I really like the minimal approach Shryack took with this piece and I’d love to experiment with that same technique in the future. I don’t typically use acrylics; but after seeing this artwork, it totally makes me want to dive right into painting in a more abstract style. 


Smoke and Mirrors, progress shot in pencil and pen (8.5 x 11″)