August 13th: Class Introductions and Expectations
August 15th: Continuation of Class Rules and Requirements for First Project
August 19th: Concept Sketching for First Project (see Sketchbook Pages)
August 21st: Continuation of Concept Sketching (composition checking) and Technique Exploration done in Pen (see Sketchbook Pages)
August 23rd: Peer Critique done with Adriana (based of concept sketch), Transferring of Sketch to Final Paper, and Starting Final Drawing in Pen (work done on eye)
August 27th: Updates to Website and Work on Final Project (facial details)
Percent Completed: (10%) To Do: complete face, start hair, and add color to indicate fire

Original Image

My Illustration

Image of Work: Charlie Puth done in Watercolor, Acrylic, and Colored Pencil

What about this result did you dislike? The final drawing ended up being too dark (around the hair and shirt) and because of that I felt like it was hard to read without looking at my reference.

What about this work did you believe was successful? Overall, I think my drawing looks accurate to my reference. The way I emphasized the warm tones to the face and hand made the image successful. I also like the look of the hand; I think the shading and blending works well as the focal point.

What did you learn while creating this piece? I learned that it’s fairly easy for me to go too heavy with my colors. I often press the pencils too far into the paper and I can’t remove it after that point which is why the final image was so dark.

If you were to re-work this piece or start over, what changes would you make to your art-making process and/or execution? I would try to redo this piece completely in watercolor. As much I loved my reference for this piece, I thought it was too difficult to transfer into a painting medium which is why I started to use colored pencil. But if I were to do this only in watercolor, maybe the piece would’ve looked more readable to the audience.

Smoke and Mirrors, flat rendering (8.5 x.11″)

Smoke and Mirrors, progress shot in pencil and pen (8.5 x 11″)