I never noticed how infused music was in my life until I remembered the day my mom pulled out her Tama drum set. She had set up crash cymbals in our playroom and banged every tom-tom to “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins . It wasn’t long before she encouraged me to take up an instrument of my own. But years later, my parents noticed my lack of passion for the piano and they stopped paying for lessons. Now, I realize I don’t want to be a musician, I want to be surrounded by them. 

Whether it’s dabbling on the piano or planning out my next concept sketch, I’ve always been an artist. There’s just something about working with the creative process that makes me want to blur the lines between fiction and reality. It’s the moments where I step away from the art and become an observer, just like my audience, that drives the inspiration for my next piece. Take a gallery setting, if you don’t know the artist personally then you probably wouldn’t realize who actually made that work hanging on the wall. It’s those instances where I can watch people approach my art that sparks the desire to create work completely inspired by their own interpretations. 

As I reflect on my time at OCSA, I’ve realized just how evident music has been in my art career. From my first day of 8th grade leading up to some of my last days in the Visual Arts Conservatory, music has and continues to transform my life entirely. In return, I’ve dedicated my senior show to it. Welcome to my OCSA experience, my musical journey, my artistic expression, and… my sense of nostalgia.


Although abstract in nature, “Genesis” is a representation of every project I’ve ever worked on. Made on a cutting board, this piece is where I’ve painted the backgrounds of some of my favorite watercolor paintings, it’s where I’ve hot glued endless rhinestones for Gala, and it’s where the memories of my past art have come to grow. And just like that, it continues to become art itself.

Flip through my sketchbook